Collaborative workshop on

Charge density waves: small scales and ultrashort time

28. - 31. October 2010., Vukovar, Croatia

The intent of the project is to establish a wide cooperation of groups involved in either investigation of the properties of CDW systems, synthesis of CDW samples, deposition of thin films, femtosecond spectroscopy measurements or other methods for the characterisation and modification of thin films. Such cooperation would permit the investigation of the ultra fast CDW dynamics as well as other CDW properties in the spatially reduced geometries characteristic for planar technologies. Moreover, the collaboration of international and national groups which use similar methods (femtosecond spectroscopy, pulsed laser deposition) would aim at the transfer of specific knowledge towards national groups.

Financial support:

The National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and  Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia

Égide - ECO-NET

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